About us

Discover a slice of coastal bliss at Pepe’s Beachside Bar, where the sparkling ocean views meet unparalleled dining. Our venue, defined by expansive open windows and bi-fold doors, invites the soothing sea breeze right to your table. Experience the essence of outdoor living, a fusion of Mediterranean charm and Australian ease, as you relax on our expansive deck. Nestled among lush palm trees, our deck is an oasis featuring cosy bean bags, whimsical hanging chairs, and breathtaking beach views – a true testament to our dedication to relaxed, alfresco enjoyment.

At Pepe’s Beachside Bar, we pride ourselves on a food & beverage menu that’s as vibrant as our setting. Inspired by Californian zest, our dishes offer a fresh fusion of flavours, perfect for sharing and savouring in our laid-back atmosphere. Each plate is crafted to complement the easy-going vibe that Pepe’s Beachside Bar has become renowned for. So, whether you’re lounging with a cocktail in hand or indulging in our innovative culinary creations, Pepe’s Beachside Bar promises an unforgettable experience where every moment is a celebration of relaxed, beachside living.